Industrial cybersecurity products

Security Tools provides industrial cyber security products for Location Based security. Anomaly detection is applied based on Artificial Intelligence. The content of the communication is analysed by means of deep packet inspection and by being present at the lowest location in the field, data can be placed in context. This is the basis for Security Tools change management solutions and ensures configuration integrity.

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Cybersecurity platform

Based on specific process and sensor knowledge, Security Tools provides real-time data in context analytics at location, with the possibility to integrate model based operational fault detection and resilience by 360º security.

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Change management

The increased use of industrial automation to achieve more efficient operations has created a higher dependency on industrial programmable devices, such as PLC’s. What happens if an unauthorized or even an authorized someone makes a change to a program that results in undesired performance, or corrupts the program due to these changes? If there is no immediate backup, the result is costly.

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