New Applied Technology

In order to ensure that your processes, in whatever form, can perform optimally at all times, it is important to keep looking at how new developments in the industrial market can be used within existing processes. This can be done by executing a Proof of Concept from a single or combined combination of techniques. With this impact, it is possible to determine at an early stage what the possible production improvement can yield.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things can no longer be ignored in the process optimization; Whether it involves gaining insight, identifying bottlenecks in the process or being able to respond better to the maintenance issue, there are possibilities with the current technology.

Data Value Consultancy

Organizations are working hard on the digital transformation, working groups are set up and innovations are stimulated. Within some production companies this digital transformation is called IoT or Industrial IoT and others companies call it Industry 4.0 or Smart Industry.

Due to the high degree of digitization, organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on the IT environment for carrying out the daily operation.

The linked sensors offer a wealth of information and application options for process optimization within safety and security. More and more organizations are connected to each other’s systems in the business process, as a result of which the interdependency within chains is constantly increasing.

With this, organizations are increasingly dependent on their partners in the chain. A disruption in the chain therefore potentially has a greater impact: hitting the interests of a part of the chain can have consequences for the chain as a whole. The chain is as strong as the weakest link. Collaborating and sharing information at chain level and within a sector is therefore essential.
The consultants of Security Tools International usually have an industrial background, are hand-on and oriented towards the operational process. This can be within the company or within the chain of partners.