Controller change management

The increased use of industrial automation to achieve more efficient operations has created a higher dependency on industrial programmable devices, such as PLC’s. What happens if an unauthorized or even an authorized someone makes a change to a program that results in undesired performance, or corrupts the program due to these changes? If there is no immediate backup, the result is costly.

The PLC Gatekeeper is in-line preventive tool, that supports a practical approach to manage controllers in operation from FAT, during installation and commissioning to SAT approval and it provides real-time the ability to restore programs and neutralize impact of undesired changes at any time.
The Gatekeeper prevents device program changes and protect controllers against human error, unauthorized access, undesired changes or failure of equipment. It discovers and tracks changes and fully controls change request processes and access including the ability to restore approved versions.

ICS Gatekeeper

STI’s new AXBOX “GATEKEEPER” detection and prevention solution at controls level, enables Airport’s to decrease the operational impact in Euro of (un)authorized access on assets within operations by interpretation of data in context on a specific location, with the ability to stop or override an unwanted action and with the possibility to execute a change management procedure.


The management of baggage is one of the most challenging and complex operational activities faced by airports. Airports make a considerable investment in control software for the baggage handling systems. Change Management of the controls is vital for the performance of the integrated and automated system and the Gatekeeper protects and secures this investment by reducing costly programming errors caused by unauthorized access and activities or upload of untested program software. Real-time notification and change-discovery and immediate disaster recovery with historical tracking and audit trails and support of the most used devices and programming software in the industry, including Siemens, Scheider Electric, Rockwell and more.